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I bought a new cat tree

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I planned to put it by a window in the front living room.

I brought it in thru the laundry room cat lock, put it down to drop another bag on the counter and this happened before I could get back to it.

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The population increased quickly

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The level of happiness quickly reached purring/face washing

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Faye didn't come down from it for over an hour. She didn't even responds to the whoosh of a can openning.

When she finally did get down and I moved it to the front she was back on quickly and I had to slide it the last few feet with her on top.

I recived many head butts, a hug and a few kisses.
It'll be a while before Buddha/Buddy/Mr.B/Boots is allowed up there so hsi being very posessive with his track ball toy.

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It's always great to bring home a winner, isn't it?? They were ready for that baby.

That's a great tree, too. It looks perfect for two cats.
ITS IT'S ITS' (readers choice) MINE !!!!!

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Aw, so glad they love it! The night that I got mine Banjo was extra affectionate. It was like he was saying thank you, its so nice to be appreciated once in a while :D
ITS IT'S ITS' (readers choice) MINE !!!!!

i love it. ("MINES!!!")

where did you get the tree? i've been looking at the ones on they have really good deals (it seems like) i've never gotten anything bad from them but there's always a first time.
that is too funny! love the way they show their appreciation after a nice gift like that, too.
It's a Wisker City from Petsmart. It cost me $103 with my member card. I don't have Marie's Craigslisting skills so I just went for Petsmart. I now have 4 this size and a half size one. They're extremely solid and well made.
That's a neat one. How much was it? My SO and I are planning on building one ourselves because we have a lot of junk laying around the garage that could be turned into something.
That's a neat one. How much was it?
It's a Wisker City from Petsmart. It cost me $103 with my member card.
Right there ^.
$103. It was the convenience factor. I've been busy and neglecting the munchkins so they deserved it.
Awesome. My friend just bought one from petco called the Premium cat tree bungalow and both of his cats love it. you can get it from petco or It is very sturdy for the most part except for the very top which wobbles a bit but his cats just ignore that ledge.


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Forgot the price. It's on sale for $85 with free shipping. :)
4 Stories above the base. Complete with a hanging toy, a sisal scratching post and a plush interior that would make any pimp proud.

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