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I feel like a new daddy.

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My cat came to me last fall off the streets. It took a long time to socialize with her and get her to trust people, and now she is a jealous attention hog. She still plays a little rough but she is definately a fan of human contact now.

She is a beautiful black and white shorthair that I named Oreo. She has been playing in the windows of my store now for months. People come up and tap on the glass and she rolls over, stands up, and does her own brand of tricks for them.

I had planned to have her neutered but someone approached me about breeding her. They wanted to breed their beautiful jet black male with her in hopes of getting a male kitten with her markings. I was a little hesitant, because she is sort of a ruffian and I forsaw their pretty black cat getting jacked up. They insisted that it would be okay though and when she went in heat they brought him over and they went at it. He definately got jacked up too! *nods* My little girls a tough one!

Anyways, 5 or 6 weeks later and here we have a pile of day old kitties. One of them turned out exactly how the person wanted, the calico one has been spoken for, and I think I am going to keep the solid black one.

These kittens are just now 24 hours old and they already look like they've grown considerably!

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That's precious! Thanks for sharing.
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