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so hello! About a year ago, I started feeding a calico "mommy" and her orange tabby kitten when I saw them frequently trotting around the neighborhood. They would not come close when I was within eyesight. I just kept showing up with food and eventually - after months - I managed to touch the kitten, and we became friends. Not Mommy though. She was soon pregnant again, and - I won't go into the sad outcome of that litter... I'll just say, I think they were born very prematurely. I've been on a mission to catch her ever since. Her orange son - he's good. I trapped him, took him to the vet, yada yada and turns out... he LOVES me. So he's part of the fam now. Mommy still comes over for dinner, nightly. But still extremely skittish, and runs away if I'm in sight.

Meanwhile, pregnant again... we built her a fabulous insulated bedroom, right near her "dining area" - and sure enough, she had 5 kittens in there. They are now 1 month old.... maybe. I mean... she comes back to eat, every night... but when the kittens were 10 days old, she took them away, and I have not seen them since. We think Mommy lives under the deck of an abandoned home up the street, but we cannot find any sign of the kittens. We have listened for them under that deck when we know she's elsewhere, and we watch for them, but - nothing. I'm afraid she's not a very responsible mother, and I find this heartbreaking.

So, I'm going to take her to the vet too. I'm waiting a respectable amount of time - (is 6 weeks okay?) to make sure that IF there ARE still kittens somewhere, they may have weaned... but I WILL take her to my vet and get her taken care of. I have recently started feeding her IN a trap. I've got it rigged NOT to close, for now, but I'm glad she has learned not to fear eating in the trap. In a few weeks, I'm setting the trap. Sorry Mommy, but -- I was pretty excited about the kittens - and a little mad when she took them away. I wish I'd see them trotting behind her, like Cameo used to do...

So - my big questions are - 1) what happened to the kittens? They were healthy! Did she harm them? 2) is 6 weeks after the birth - is that too soon to get her in to the vet?

Was that too much for my intro? I do find myself obsessed with this cat project now, but - I obviously know nothing about cats. So - see yall around - cuz I need some education.. :)
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