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I hate Craigslist!

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Lol this is really random but I hate craigslist! Not because its a bad site or anything because I cant stand looking at all the cats that need homes on there. If I could I would buy them all :< I saw so many cute free kittens that need homes but I saw this 3 year old cat that looked kind of like my cat I used to have and I wanted her so much.
Ugh! I hate how many unwanted cats there are in the world. I wish I could take in every single one.

(But seriously, I need to stop going there. Im going to end up with 10 new cats XD)
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I agree, you should just quit looking. Out of sight out of mind? ;)

Also, if simply looking at classifieds makes you all 'bleeding heart'-ish, don't volunteer for a rescue group! LOL There are 2 reasons I don't have a zillion cats... my dad is already mad at me taking in 3 in the last 4 years, and I can't afford to feed much more anyway.

One lady is our "kitten foster", and since it is right in the middle of kitten season, she has 17 kittens (and 3 foster dogs, plus 3 of her own). There are at least 3 kittens she really wants to keep, but knows if she keeps doing that, then she can't foster and save even more kittens. One of the dogs WAS a foster dog...for about 2 days, then she decided she needed to have him LOL

When my dad dies, I get the house. Right now I can't afford to keep it.. though depending on when he goes, and how my financial status is then, I am seriously thinking about trying my best to keep it after all. It's HUGE! 4,000 sq feet, 3 stories, 5 bedrooms. I definitely have enough room to foster, when it's all mine. With all the bedrooms, I could even foster (or keep) FIV, lukemia and other "sick" cats that nobody else wants, and they'd all have their own little spaces.
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Yes, craigslist infuriates me as well. Before ppl used to at least make up a "justifiable" excuse as to why they were giving up their pets. Now, they don't even bother. It's just free cat come and get it, has to be out by tomorrow. It's just so sad!
Everyone in our area posts "moving" as their excuse for putting their pets on craigslist. I had to stop looking. I hate to see the "must be gone tonight" posts. What are you going to do if they're not? And they obvioulsy don't care who takes them or how they will be cared for if they just want them gone right this minute.
i think there are a lot of us here who would save every kitty if it were physically and financially possible. i torture myself constantly by looking at and the humane society website nearly everyday as well as stopping by the local shelters in person just to visit with the kitties in need. it's so frustrating. my husband and i used to talk about traveling all over if we EVER won the lottery (as if!), but these days there is no question that if we did win, we'd buy a huge lot and a huge house, and save as many kitties from the shelter that we could. i've got a soft spot for the adults and seniors that have been waiting for a year or more, but i'm sure there'd be a few kittens in there as well just to give the older ones something to complain and commiserate about. gotta keep 'em on their toes!:mrgreen:
That's the one thing I like about volunteering at the shelter I do. They are not in cages (except in the infirmary). There's big rooms with cat towers, toys, snuggle boxes. It's also no-kill, unless they get really sick and won't make it anyway. Some cats we've had nearly 5 years...those are the ones "stolen" from another rescue group who wasn't taking very good care of them and this new group got started and decided to do better.
Even when donations are down, the director uses her personal credit card to pay stuff if she needs to, just so the kitties are taken care of properly!

All kittens under age 4 months are in foster homes. Only adults (or sometimes "teenagers") go to our cat center. Right now we got 27 cats, and that's about the limit before it gets too crowded. We try not to take too many, but with people "moving", or suddenly having allergies and whatnot, we just can't say no!
I can't go on there. Heck, I can't even go on pet finder, or walk by adoptions with out wanting to just take them all home. I felt awful both times I adopted because i only took one home.
Some cats we've had nearly 5 years...those are the ones "stolen" from another rescue group who wasn't taking very good care of them and this new group got started and decided to do better.
Even when donations are down, the director uses her personal credit card to pay stuff if she needs to, just so the kitties are taken care of properly!
5 years?!? that's so sad. the poor kitties! so nice that the shelter you work at lets the cats roam more in cat rooms rather than cages.

and yes, one of our local PAWS societies here also has an owner who uses her own money all the time for the kitties. the need for funds is never ending.
I put Screech on craigslist because i have to find him a home. Someone did reply but it was a scammer who probably sells cats to labratories. His owner died and i'm getting pressured to get rid of him. I guess he's going to have to go to a shelter. I wish i could take him but i can't. I also can't keep going to his owner's house to take care of him everyday. I've been going every day since January 17. He's hard to get a home since he doesn't like other cats, is 20 lbs, 10 years old, and all black


I found Cinderella and Cleo on Craigslist. Also free/cheap cat trees, toys, even -gasp! - not-cat items.

I have to say, Craigslist been berry berry good to me.
Wouldn't a no-kill rescue group take Screech? Or are they all "full"?
Are all the rescue groups -really- that full? We keep saying we need to enforce an intake freeze, but it's all just talk.. just this week we took in 5 more cats! 2 went to the cat center, 2 got foster homes and one staying in the Petco display cage. Oh, and the litter of 4 kittens (well, 4 survivors) that just ran up another $100+ in vet bills today. Yeah, we've been "full" since last kitten season!
I got Squeek and Lickorish from Craigslist. Their foster mom posts there regularly to find homes for her foster kitties.

I do admit, I keep going there and looking at pet posts. I really get upset at some of them and wanted to take some, but it wouldn't work with our two girls.
When I had no choice but to give up my kitties and small dog (I was going in the hospital and new I would be there at least one month) I turned to craigslist. I posted pictures and told of all their good and some not so great attitudes and said I would be interviewing applicants. I found loving homes for each and have recieved updates from their new owners. One of my cats was 6 years old and I had no problem placing her either. The other 2 were 2 years old each and my adorable small dog was 3. They all had homes within 4 days. It definately has advantages and disadvantages but for me it was a godsend.
There is good and bad on there. I found a home for a stray dog I had been caring for by using craigslist. I screened carefully and I feel like I found some good people (and some strange). I'd rather see people try something like craigslist before taking an animal to the pound.

You have to be careful though on both ends. My "free" adult cat cost $600 just at the first vet visit. There are some kittens on there now that are down the street from me, pretty dilute calicos, and I thought about looking at them, but just from the pics you can tell they are sick. Their eyes and noses are runny and they look thin compared to pics of Ash and his litter. Sad.
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