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Let me explain a little....

Like I said in my introduction, I have 2-10 yr old females and 2-2 yr old males.

One of the female cats gets along with both of the 2 yr olds just fine. In fact she treats one of them like it is her own.

Now the other 10 yr old female is a brat. She can't tolerate any of the 2 younger male kittens. She thinks she rules the house. I tried pampering her. I sprayed her with the water bottle a few times. I have given her clothes that smells like the 2 kittens. When it is just her and me, even with the clothes that smell like the kitten, everything is fine and dandy. I even tried giving catnip when they are around. As long as I am around nothing happens. When it is just them 2, all bratiness breaks loose.

Also keep in mind, these 4 cats have been living together for about 1 year and a half. The two older ones have been together for the past 10 years.

Any to hear how to fix this craziness.....
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