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I have a situation??

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Well Jessy was spayed almost 3 weeks ago. She was at the vet 3 days. When she came home of course the others were mean to her. After about a day or two Lilly and Jerry got over it and they were fine with Jessy agian.

However MInnie, Jessys mom, is still being mean to her. She doesnt physically attack her, but everytime she comes near her she hisses and growls at Jessy. It seems like she even seeks Jessy out to hiss at her.

Poor little Jessy is so afraid to be around her, and she tries to run away or hide and Minnie will follow her. I have to make Minnie leave her alone.

Why do you think Minnie is acting like this to Jessy? Is it going to get better?

I should mention that Minnie doesnt have the sweetest personality to begin with. However she is fine with the other cats. They are bigger than her though and Jessy is still small. Yet she was never mean to Jessy before she got fixed and would even go out of her way to protect her.

I am stumped!
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The thing that concerns me is that it has been three weeks since Jessy has been home. Surley she would smell like her old self agian by now??
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