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I've been through a time of thinking about the blog and after searching and reading some reviews on sites who have used the method of "in your face" or whatever you'd like to call it, most people do read it but choose to ignore the message even though there was some great information in it due to the rudeness.

Sorry to those I offended I know its overdue but better, late then never right?

I've redirected my tone in it slightly, I have put a caution over my little rant about the dog and cat next to us. Have changed a few of the wordings to other words. But it is a rant and not meant to inform properly.

I also hope that no one minds that with the stress of Maria losing Tiger for those few days I thought that I should post some of the awsome ideas that members shared with her on my blog for others to read and hopefully help them if their furry friend should ever get lost. I've put thanks at the end of the blip to the members for all the tips/ideas so I in no way took any of the ideas as my own.
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