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Ok, so, here's the deal:

Prior to recently, we did not have a cat flap.

Starting about 1 year ago, a neighbourhood cat started running into our house every time we opened the door to let one of our cats in/out. He was HUGE and vicious. He would terrorize my cats and they eventually became scared to enter their own home. He would attack me and my parents if we went within six feet of him (I'm talking hissing, growling, hackles up, and lunging at us with claws and teeth). We eventually became scared to enter our own home.

We also had the problem of the cats periodically asking to be let in/out several times every night, waking us all up and causing us all to lose sleep. Two of our cats are part oriental and have a very loud cry which would even wake the neighbours up (we've had complaints) so we couldn't just ignore them.

So to solve both problems, we decided to purchase a cat flap which only opens for cats whose microchips it recognises. That way we wouldn't need to keep opening doors and risking the bully cat coming in, and the cats could go in and out during the night as they pleased with no need to wake us up.

It's been about two weeks now, and two of our cats have taken to the change like ducks to water. Our kitten thinks it's the best thing in the world. From the moment we got it installed, she was enthralled with it, and didn't leave it alone until she'd figured out how to open it. She now flies in and out of the house several times a day.

Our 3 year old half-Tonkinese, however, is frightened to death of the cat flap. He has always been a dreadful wuss; petrified of strangers, other cats, and things which make any kind of loud noise. The first time he spotted the cat flap, he walked up to it quite enthusiastically, stuck his head inside - and then it made a 'click' noise as it recognised his microchip. The click isn't even that loud, but it absolutely terrified him, and he bolted back inside the house. He now absolutely won't go anywhere near the cat flap. We've tried coaxing him through with treats for hours at a time, we've tried locking him in the room so that he has no choice but to go through it, locking him outside of the house so that he has to use the cat flap to get in, and he just won't have any of it. He gets so frightened of it that he starts growling, his tail puffs up and he starts running around like a crazy thing until we open the door to let him out. He knows what the cat flap is for as he's watched his sister use it many times, but he just refuses.

We are at a loss as to what to do. The situation in general has improved greatly, as the horrible bully cat does not come in any more and there is now only one cat waking us up during the night, but it's still not ideal. Does anyone have any idea how we can proceed with this?
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