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I Just Got Some Kittens

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I found them in my yard, the mother ditched them.. but 3 of them died and another looks like hes going to also.. hes not going to the bathroom very well and hes got a stuffy nose... the other kittens kept sucking on his "no no" spot so i separated them

is there anything i can do for him besides take him to the vet? i cant afford to pay for it
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you better take them to a humane society or shelter where they might be able to get help. since you can't afford to help them that's their only chance. please do it right away. let us know what happens. good luck.
well, i know how to take care of them, just when theyre sick, ive had them since two mondays ago, and three are fine, they just got really sick over a short period of time.. ive raised lots of litters of kittens in the past and theye been fine.. we get them dumped in our yard alot
it seems they need medical attention. medication. this is beyond the scope of what we can provide. that's why if you can't afford a vet then maybe a shelter or humane society can help.
yeah... im just hesitant about dealing with my humane society, last time i went there they were extremely nasty.. ill call and see if they can help short of straight putting them to sleep
i know it's a tough situation. maybe some of our other members have a creative solution to your problem.
How old are the kittens? Also are you stimulating them to use the bathroom?

Check around your area. Maybe there’s an animal organization by you like there is by me. Search on the Internet for one located where you live, I'm sure they'll gladly help. Other then that, I agree with catman, take the kittens to the humane society. They'll be able to provide what’s needed for the kittens, medication and such. Good luck and let us know what happens.
yeah ive been stimulating them.. theyre doing lots better today.. ive just been taking them out and rubbing their tummies every hour or so and theyve been perking up
jawamonkey said:
yeah ive been stimulating them.. theyre doing lots better today.. ive just been taking them out and rubbing their tummies every hour or so and theyve been perking up
good news :D - keep the updates coming.
:D Oh good, thats great news. How old are your kitties?
theyre about 11-12 dyas old
Oh okay. I know how you feel. I've had little kitties before, as well and I know it's tough. :) Hope everything turns out for you and your little babies.
thanks! :D the sick one needs some iron, but i think hes gonna make it now
well, the black one died regardless of how much he improved.. now i only have 3.. but theyre doing good.. *stops kissing them on the head for fear of kiss of death*
Awe The poor little babies. That is so wonderful they have you to take care of them! That is a lot of work and very few people would do that! Good luck with the kits!
thanks guys :D, i was really feeling like i wasnt doing enough for them.. but i guess it was out of my hands.. at least i kept them happy till they went, they always tried to purr when i petted them
well, down to one kitten *sighs*
I'm sure thats hard on you! Take it easy and know you did all you can. It's part of nature. Not all babies are going to make it. Bless their little hearts and yours too!
:( Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sure you did your best for the little ones. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your little kitty.
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