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It's amazing too me that, after all these years of being "so right" it still thrills me as much as it does. I don't claim to be right "all the time" or right about "everything" - though, I used too. LOL. No, what I claim know is being right "most of the time" - because I am. Hehehe.

My Mom and Sister thought the move from house-to-house would be bad, stressful, et cetera? You all know by now it wasn't. In fact, it continues to be more and more of a success, as the kittens become more and more happy.

My Mom was dead-set against loving any sort of animal? Now? The most often-spoken words out of her mouth are, "Where are my kittens?" and other kitten-related things.

Mom was dead-set against cats in her bedroom? Drizzle spent three or four nights crying his little cute lungs out at her door, until she finally gave in. The first night was not fun - they didn't stop exploring all night. The next nights? Great. The past few? Fantastic! The kittens are both snuggling thier "Grammy" all night long, and she's loving it!

I just love being right! Hehehe.

I love Kittens. 8)
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