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I Love My Cat!

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Hi everyone,
What a great forum. I've been a cat owner all my life, or at least as long as I can remember. My current cat, Bubba, is the apple of my eye. I even designed a webpage for him and his sister Maya (they're not actually related, Maya's a dog). The site has lots of pictures, an online diary, a pet poll and more. Send me your favorite picture of your cat and I'll add you to our Friends section!

Check out the page here:

I love my dog but must say I'm a cat person at heart.

Thanks for all the cat talk. I hope to be around for awhile.

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sentimentalgirl said:
Nice web site and great pics! I like those where they are fighting! :) Are they fighting often?
Thanks for visiting! Yes, they 'fight' often. I use the term loosely as its never gotten out of hand. The cat (who is declawed) likes to bat around with the dog and the dog just loves any attention she can get from the cat. When the cat's had enough he just leaves. Maya is just simply in love with Bubba. I think most of the time Bubba could do without her though. However, in the past couple of weeks they have started to get very playful, in a fun way, with each other. It's been so neat to see their relationship build and change.

Thanks again for visiting the site!

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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