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I have four kitties...

Clover, black DSH, with white under her chin, born around June 2, 2002

Jasper, black DMH, with white "bikini," born around March 3, 2002

Jesse, gray and white DMH, born around May 19, 2002

Tony, gray with some tabby markings, DSH, gorgeous green eyes but they're closed in the picture, born around May 19, 2002

Their pictures are in my signature.

Clover is a girl, the other three are boys.

And I know, this is supposed to be only cats, but I couldn't resist...
Oliver, black rabbit, born around August 10, 2003

Oliver Jr (called Junior), black rabbit almost identical to his father (Oliver), born on April 18, 2004 (my only pet with an exact b-day!)

Can't add pics of the bunnies just now, because I don't have digital pics of them yet, but I'll add them soon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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