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I just transitioned my cats over to raw entirely. I'd label myself and my cats raw starter. It took while for us to detach ourselves from dry food.
I expect slow progressing on raw food arena as well...

My cats eat Primal Chicken in the morning and Feline Future Premix powder(supplements+dried egg yoke) + Turkey Thigh meat mixture in the evening.

I also give them skinless thigh cube chunks or smashed chicken neck as a snack to clean teeth and practice their jaw.

I know the analysis of the primal chicken so I am not worried about that one. But I worry about the meal with premix+ turkey thigh. Feline future provide analysis of their own mixture but does not provide the anaylsis with the entire recipie when the meat is added. The recipie actually look the exactly same as the raw food recipie (the one with meat, no bones) that I see from the holistic cat care books. (e.g. from Whole Health for happy cats...)
The rough outline of recipie goes like...
1. 1 lb of turkey muscle meat
2. 1 piece of thrkey liver
3. 1 raw heart
4. 3 1/3 oz of turkey gizzard
5. 2 tsb of veggies
6. 1 raw egg yoke
7. 1400 mg of calcium carbonate powder
.... (I am skipping the suppliment part...)

Is this too much protein? My cats love this food. :catmilkThey now turn up their nose to the primal nuggets...

I am a little hesitant but, I am thinking about giving my cats whole chicken/whole cornish hen, ground recipie. Do you give them with skin on or skin removed?

Thank you!

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I feed frankenprey and do not grind their food. The only thing I would advise is to add some bone into the mix. I had a problem with one of my cat's digestion for some time and it was easily remedied with the addition of some additional bone. This way you would not need to use the calcium supplement and they would still get all the benefits from the marrow inside the bone.

I am sure others with more knowledge will chime in soon.

Good luck!
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