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Just to begin with hello to all, and yeah I am alive xDD, Hah welll last thing you probably heard from me that I was writing my significant other a letter - Well you know that wen't down a success, now I decided to write her a poem. - Showed her it, and it went down with the same success :) - Just thought I should share it, - not the best in the world, but the meaning behind it is what counts.

Her name is Amber,
She shares her name with a precious stone,
But she brings a new meaning behind the name,
A meaning that radiates from her,
Inner and outer,
Something deep and unexplainable,
Which triggers an unstoppable feeling from within me,
It’s called love,
And from within my love there are things which she needs to know,
From the deepest corners of my heart and soul,
She needs to know that I’m always proud of her,
She needs to know that she’s always beautiful in my eyes,
She needs to know that I appreciate all the things she does,
She needs to know that I will stand by her no matter what this world throws at us,
If I were to catch her eye,
It would bring it all back,
And I’d find myself falling in love all over again,
There is that spark we both have inside us,
Now and then I see that very spark which started the flame,
I see the girl which I fell helplessly in love with,
And that flame burns harder and greater,
But the real reward in all this,
The thing that truly completes me,
Is to know that she’s happy and knows that she is truly loved,
Just being with her is a reward in itself,
To find a soul mate is one thing,
To be a soul mate is another,
I try to do my best and what’s right by her,
I just want to look after her for eternity,
Be there for the good times,
Be strong for the bad times,
And support each other through the rock road of life,
She’s been such an influence in my life,
And touched my heart in a way no one ever has,
She’s my beautiful goddess and I’m truly proud and honoured to be with her,
To show her to the world and say,
Yes that is my girlfriend,
She makes me realise the things that truly matter in this world,
It makes the world a beautiful place,
Something to live for,
Something to get up in the mornings for,
Something to be strong for,
And I do believe the only way you can get there,
Is with love.
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