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Has anyone got a cat with IBD and found a food that helps ? My cat has been on steroids for 8 years and every antibiotic you can think of ,the vet keeps putting her on their S/D foods,and i'm thinking maybe something without cereal,grains etc
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Getting her onto a grainless food is a good idea.

My former cat (also named Sophie) had IBD. If had had known about raw then, I would have tried it. She ate EVO 95% turkey/chicken (canned) for a few years and EVO 95% duck for a while. She also ate duck/pea dry (Royal Canin (I think-it was prescription) but also Natural Balance duck/pea dry). She wouldn't eat the canned duck/pea but if your Sophie would eat it, that is a good option too.

In her earlier years, she was s dry food junkie. I fed her S/D dry, thinking I was feeding her a good food, but I think the grain (esp corn) contributed to her getting the ibd.
Thanks,i couldn't feed raw but was thinking about Ziwipeak ?next best thing ?
Grain free canned Limited Ingredient, no dry food. Choose a novel protein that she hasn't had before like venison or rabbit. Add digestive enzymes. Slippery Elm syrup give 1/2 hour before eating helps a lot with vomiting. Small meals 4-6 meals a day.

Some food choices:

Natural Balance LID
Nature's Variety Instinct
EVO 95% meats
Evanger's 95% meats (these are not nutritionally complete, you would need to add a vitamin supplemet).
Wysong Au Jus (also not nutritionally complete)

Stay away from chicken and fish...many cats can't tolerate it. Make sure to read the entire ingredient panel, it may say rabbit on the label then they sneak in chicken further down the list.

Good luck, I've been down this road, it's not fun...
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I'm in uk so can't get these,i shall try Ziwi P canned Venison.You're right it's a horrible illness Wish me luck .Thanks for your help
Yes, the ZP venison looks fine. Hope it works.
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