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hi everyone,

i am new and would like to introduce myself. basically, what can i say, i think, dream, and breathe cat. i have a cat tattoo, which incidentally, is my "cattoo". i love cats, but i only have one. i think it's unfair to have too many pets if one couldn't take care of them properly and lovingly.

i am an artist, and i spend a lot of time in my studio. one of my first video projects many years ago was of my cat. this was before the days of youtube and popular cell phone videos. it so happened that the video was about 9 minutes long. someone had asked me if that was because cats have nine lives. ha!

which brings me to my cat and her current situation. i will probably write another post in detail about that, but basically, she's a darling. her name is Tabitha, and she is about 16 years old. she is a calico and loves to talk. her favorite foods are whatever i am eating, but mainly high fat foods, like cheese, curry chicken, liver, salmon, and more cheese.

she is ill now, but when she was not, she used to spend a lot of time in the garden among the purple cone flowers and cat nip. she loves music (my husband is a record collector), and she used to spend many hours warming herself on his stereo amplifier.

anyway, i could go on, but i will write another post with specifics about Tabitha's situation. thanks all for reading.

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