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I've just posted my introduction post but can't stop myself!

I am a neurotic cat mum.

My darling little Dixie is going to the vet on Thursday to be spayed. She's been an indoor cat since we got her so we've not had her spayed but feel it's time as we just feel helpless when she goes into heat.

Years and years ago I had a darling little cat who was very similar to Dixie. She went to be spayed and then got very very ill afterwards. I spent about a week visiting her at the vet, no one knew what was wrong with her even after many tests. She did eventually get better but as she almost died I am so so scared about what will happen on Thursday. I've actually booked Thursday, Friday and Monday off work!

Anyway...I have many more things that I worry about with my cats but this is the one at the front of my mind. I'm also worried about aftercare as we have a big ginger male cat, Hobbes, who loves Dixie to bits and pines after her if he can't find her but can be a bit rough when they play. I'm planning to keep them apart but not sure how long I will need to do that for.
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