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Hello all,

I'm from New Delhi, India.

Two weeks ago, I found a little abandoned kitten outside my house. Her mommy or her siblings were nowhere to be found and she'd been crying all through the night.

I brought her inside and decided to raise her, at least until she was strong enough to be on her own.

Now I've never had cats, but I've always kept dogs. I've never cared for a young animal though, and I'm a single student, so it has been a challenging journey so far.

I took her to a vet the very same day. The vet said that she was around 3-4 days old (the eyes were closed and the umbilical cord was still attached). She had a vociferous appetite and has been doing quite well the past two weeks.

Today, she must be around 18 days old. Since the last week though, after her eyes opened, she's been shaking her head a lot, especially when walking. When she is in my lap (which she is absolutely loves!) or feeding or sleeping, the head shaking stops. I'm concerned about this and need some help from members. My questions are:

1. Is the head shaking normal at this age? I read somewhere online that since she is so young, her nervous system hasn't developed entirely. Is this true?

2. She has an awkward, slow gait. Her legs are still weak though, so maybe she has trouble maintaining her own weight.

3. What about food? I've been feeding her through a bottle right now. When can she start eating on her own? And when is a good time to switch to solid food? She's been eating infant formula since I don't have access to KMR (it's not available in India, neither are half the ingredients that go into making home made KMR).

Other than the head twitching, she's been acting very healthy. Her appetite is strong, vociferous even. Her bowel movements are regular, and she generally likes to play around with me, nibbles on my fingers a lot, etc. Should I be concerned?

I'm sorry if I come across as completely clueless (which I am). Also apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I wanted to post this in the 'Cat Behavior' forum, but the site wouldn't let me.

Thanks a ton in advance
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