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Hi y'all - jsut signed up to this site.

I have had cats for the last 16 years, starting with my first pet ever, Dolla. He was given to me by some neighbor kids int he apartment I was living in at the time. I liek to think of him as my training kitty, and lord knows I did a lot wrong with him. He passed away just over a month ago. Awfule flea infestation (the first in all his 16 years) and he jsut sort of fell apart (i also suspect the flea meds played a role). He was hyperthyroid and had renal dysfunction.

Next came Onyx - he came a year after Dolla. My BF at the time found him on the stoop and brought him home. He was a charmer, but died at 10 from a Renal Obstruction.

After Dolla passed i didn't think I would get any more pets, but the empty house lasted about a week, and I went to the Shelter and picked up Jakey. He had a bleeding abcess on his shoulder and was holding his paw, and they were concerned about letting me have him. After a round of anitbiotics, he is much better. I think he had his shoulder dislocated however. he still has a small limp, but he is an active active sweetie pie.

I realized jakey is the type of kitten that needs a buddy - so we got jasper through a friend. A big old Biscuithead of a kibble cat if i've ever seen one.

They get along very well, but a house with 2 kittens at once, and all of the education i got from Dolla and Onyx have led me here to learn some tips and tricks, and share what I know too.

So thanks for having me! :catmilk
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