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Hi everybody

I'm new here! I'm also new to cats, well, my own at least. My family has had cats for all my life, but I've never really bonded or cared for any of them. But recently I have been wanting a kitty of my own!

I am moving back home from Cairns, Australia to Queenstown, NZ in June & hope to have my kitten in the next six months. We won't be bringing our two current cats home. Stuart is a moggie, he is my dads cat and will be going to live with him, and Suki is my mums Chinchilla persian. She is a very nervous, high maintenance cat who is very lightweight despite our efforts. She would have a complete meltdown moving countries and all of the stress of new houses etc so she will be going to a friend. A heartbreaking decision but it is best for her.

So I will be hopefully getting my first kitten within six months. I have decided on a Cornish Rex - I wanted unusual looking, affectionate, low shedding, playful and energetic, and a good companion all in one package.

I'm not a complete beginner to cats, & have been doing a lot of research, especially on the breed itself, but IMO the best way to learn is from forums! I am very much a dog person & have my own Great Dane named Lacey, so naturally I expect to have to put a lot of work into a kitten, but apparently they are lower maintenance than a puppy! So I will be floating around learning what to do and what not to do with a new kitten.

I am very excited to get my Cornish. Are there any Cornish owners on here? I'd love to see pictures if there are :)
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