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At least that's what I would have said to anyone who asked about 6 weeks ago before these 3 amazing kittens came into our lives.

We found them abandoned on our patio, their eyes were not even opened yet. We have never owned cats, only dogs. With the help of Google, friends and our vet, I learned how to take care of them. The vet put them at about 10 days old. 2 boys and one little girl. The boys weighed about 6.5 oz and the girl about 4oz... she was the runt and one of her back paws did not develop so she has a club foot. They are now about 8 weeks, healthy and happy. I have litter box trained them and they are weaned from the bottle. They are amazing little creatures so much different than puppies.

Originally, we had planned to just nurse them to health and then adopt them out. Well, our whole family has fallen in love with these 3 kittens and it looks like we are planning to keep all three. I guess you can see, I'm now a cat person.

Looking forward to getting to know the folks and their cats on this site.
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