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As you know, I take issue with the way you run things here. Before I am here a couple days I get told by the same moderator to remove my website link and not to post in 'old' threads. Look, I am not here to gather freelance from people through the resume posted on my website, or make a career painting delicate portraits of owners' cats.

Now I see this same mod (Marie73) has the audacity to lock threads in the FEEDBACK forum. It's a FEEDBACK forum, and you're locking threads? This is redonkulous. It's like asking someone to tell you their honest opinion and then closing all talk on the issue when they do. If you guys don't see the hilarity in that, I can't help you.

I want no more of this place because you'll end up banning me anyway when I call you on something else. I'm going to join a forum that is not ridiculously over-moderated with a mod (Marie again) who can't even be bothered to issue a response when I question some of the Draconian rules around here. I moderate a 13,000 member site and trust me, it's not that hard. It's NOT hard to be a good mod, but not everyone is, apparently.

Sure, the mods here work for free. Great. BAD mods work for free too. I can see the problem here is at the top, and there's no fixing it. If you can't see the obvious issues with how you treat members then sadly I don't think it will improve—even if there are some nice people here and good info. I've already gotten all the info I need, but I don't think I'll do well here. I am an independent thinker who can't abide unfair treatment—and I speak up. I know a few others of you out there had your own complaints too, and thanks for your support so far.

There are some nice people here, but I won't be part of your regime. Go ahead, get it over with and ban me. I know you want to anyway.

To everyone else, enjoy your loverly kitties. I'll find another online 'home' for Max and me.
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