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I'm Personal property!

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How do I resolve this? We adopted a new cat, he's older and it took some time to get him to accept us. I took my time and tried to go slowly with him since he was VERY upset with his new circumstances. HE has adjusted to us since and is such a lover boy. He and my other cat seem to be in a competition for my affection now. They are fine being around each other except when it comes to my room and being around me. When I know they are both there I will pet them both and give them affection. When I am sleeping or unaware the problems arise. If I shut the door to keep them separate they both yowl at top vocal ranges through the night. They do the same if I put them in different rooms and run straight to me. They will be in a room with me together as long as I'm awake to mediate. Is there a way to express that I belong to both equally? They are slowly getting along, carefully supervised at least which is a relief as they were attacking each other violently last week. How do I make myself mutual territory? They both seek determined to claim me as personal property and will defend me as such. It's just hissing and show now because both sides have stopped with the big dramatics and seem okay with each other except where I am concerned.
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I would make the bedroom off limits for them both. Sleeping with mommy is a big deal, so be tough and don't allow it (and you will get a better sleep). If you have another room preferbly on a different floor level than the bedroom, or if not as far away from the bedroom as possible, make it their new routine to go to bed in that room. You get them used to it by always feeding them in that room. This works better if you feed meals (am & pm) rather than free feeding. Just before you go to bed feed them their evening meal in their room. Don't let them out if they howl at first; wear ear plugs if you have to. They'll eventually accept that this is how it's going to be if you stick with it. Express their love to them individually away from and in a separate room from the other. This gives them that special feeling. You can also groom them separately...grooming them is another expression of love for a cat.
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