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So of all the cats I've had experience with in the past, when it gets cold, they get cuddlier, and when it warms up again, they're more likely to go lie in a sun beam somewhere.

My darling Vala, over the last couple of days, has become extremely cuddly, now that it's getting warm, lol. I mean, she's always been a sweet cuddler, but now every single time I sit or lay down she drapes herself over me. It's cute, if somewhat inconvenient (I say as I type one handed while the other hand is trapped beneath a bunch of furry pudge).

She's so intent on sleeping on me that earlier when I tried to lift her off my lap so I could go shopping, she gave me a nice love bite for my trouble and promptly settled right back down.

It's nice to know I'm so loved. :love2
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