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Immortal ear mites.

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Back when I took Voldie to get neutered, the vet mentioned him having ear mites. I'd never had a before him (well, back when I was a tiny baby my parents had one...) and really didn't know what to look for regarding the mites.

So I took him home and administered a capsule of Stronghold for ear mites, per vet request..

Well, two weeks later and he is STILL scratching is ears, and whereas I can not tell for sure if the mites are gone or not, I'd bet on the answer to that question being a 'no'. There's another capsule to be administered in two weeks from now.

Should I wait or just go to the vet and explain/complain?
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since I deal with fosters ear mites usually come with them when they are brought in. On advice of my Vet. I mix a few drops of Campho-Phenique and mineral oil and use this in their ears. both can be gotten at most box stores. Mineral oil helps to loosen and smother the mites, the Campho-Phenique controls the itch.
I had a kitty with ear mites, it did take some time for them to be completely gone. But I would try BotanyBlack's advice :)
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