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improperly weaned? Or normal kitten stuff?

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So my kitten (about 3.5 months by now) that I got from the spca when she was 2 months, will cuddle up to my older (2 year old) cat's stomach, and start "suckling"... I can't tell if she's actually finding nipple, or just making the sounds, but she legit gets "all up in there" and starts going to town!

Obviously, there's nothing to get, as Libby (cat) has never had kittens in her own and wouldn't be lactating, but is this weird behaviour? For the most part, Libby just sits there, but sometimes she gets up and moves away (as would I lol)

Is this a sign that she was weaned improperly, or simply residual behaviours?
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Even though she was weaned properly, some kittens just like to carry on even if they aren't getting anything; some will go as long as a female (or a male) is willing.
Usually kittens separated from their moms too early exhibit that behavior. It a comfort thing.
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