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I will start my new job, hopefully get a dog, and do a few things to help me stay healthy.

This isn't quite a resolution list, but more a way to catch up. I haven't been on lately and I want to see what's on everyone's plate for this year!

I started my new job Jan. 3, finally! I am now a part time desk attendant at a public library. So now, after 2 1/2 years, I am using my diploma. See, it IS good for more than collecting dust!
I totally love the job so far, especially the fact that I haven't used this library before so the collection is new and fresh. YAY! I also have a desk...and soon a work-fish.

With the new money I'm bringing in I'm going to start by clearing my debt, then I'm hoping to get a dog before next year. Hopefully.

I'm also using some of the money I'll be making to join a few groups that will get me out meeting people and being healthy.

Goodness I'll be busy! What about everyone else???
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