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I am new to this forum, this is my first post.
I had a question about my two cats behaviour :D
I got Ben and Jerry a few months ago. They are brothers. They love to cuddle, and are very social, which is great.
There's only one thing. The first three months, they were using the litter boxes all the time. They never pooped or peed anywhere else. Suddenly, at maybe 5 months old, they stopped using them. They pee all over the couch, and never use the litter boxes. We have tried changing the litter type, but it doesn't help. They are not castrated, we will do that very soon. Could that be the only reason ? We take them outside when we can, but we live near a road so they can't be there alone (too young anyways ) We play with them often, and they love that.
This is becoming a real problem, as the smell is very strong too. There are no other problems, they are super cute and very playful. They have a small cat tree, and many toys.
They are healthy, as far as we know. Never seem in pain or uncomfortable. When we get them castrated, we will ask the vet, who is a good friend :)
I was wondering if anyone had any tips, or advice?
Thank you !
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