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My brother is considering getting 2 kittens for his flat (Russian Blue breed) so I was hoping for a little advice especially as it's been a long time since mine were kittens (and I've only ever had outdoor cats with a garden). He will be out at work during the day so most of the help I need comes from making them safe/happy during that time. I remember when mine were kittens it was a fun but quite demanding time! But they were also to become outdoor cats so I don't have experience with indoor cats. Here are some issues going through my head:

1. I am a little worried about them attacking wires. He says he will tidy them up before but I still think they may be able to get to them. I don't remember having many issues with my cats chewing them as kittens though, so should that be a concern?

2. His floors are pretty solid hardwood and not allowed carpet (underfloor heating) so makes me a little concerned with any kitten falls and he does have one set of curtains up (it's still a new flat luckily so he's going so pass on getting any more now!). I remember mine used to love climbing curtains and could fall down with a bit of a bang after. I guess he needs to ensure he has a rug or something cushioning under any high places they can reach (bookshelves too)?

3. His flat is pretty open plan so could a playpen for during the day be a good idea? Something not fully enclosed so they can enter and exit when they want. Main idea being to hold their toys and playthings so that they aren't scattered all over the flat each time he comes home! Something which has an entrance for them to go in and out, or even a low one which they could just jump over. I haven't had much luck finding ideas online though, most I've seen are enclosed cages which look horrible. Maybe I can just construct something for them!

4. Kittens need feeding 4 times a day so his idea was to use an automated feeder during the day when he's not around for their mealtimes. Is there anything wrong with feeding kittens dried food like this? I only ever fed my kittens wet food, but someone was always around to feed them back then. It would concern me that one of them might not be getting as much as the other, but I guess he could usually tell if one is more hungry when he's home? I'm not aware of too many dried kitten food varieties though outside of Whiskas UK here which have very different cat food brands to US). I use a cat foodmaze/tower when feeding my cats dried food, which I find great as it makes them eat slower and requires energy to get- not sure this is suitable idea for when they are kittens though.

5. How concerned should he be about any open windows? The windows are lower and within reach for cats to jump to, and his floor is high up in the flat block. He's found possible fitted mesh window coverings he could use which are very effective for cats going by reviews. So I guess he'd need to put these over any window he opens. Would they learn over time or would it need to be something kept on permanently for their whole lives?

6. Could they get bored or upset during the day when he's away? He wants two so that they can play and keep each other company, and they will have toys and a cat tower to climb and sleep in. Obviously a cat litter tray (which hopefully won't take too long to train them to use!) and water bowls too. And maybe even a camera to keep an eye on them during the day! Anything else I'm forgetting for indoor kittens?

Any other kitten advice or specific advice for Russian Blue's much appreciated!

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When I got the twins, I was working, so they were fed when I got up, when I got home and before bedtime. I wouldn't do the automatic feeder, if only because what if one eats the food and the other goes hungry. Charlee is a fur-covered Hoover and Cali wasn't into food at all. I like to keep track of who eats what, so I know if one of them is having an off day or may not be well.

I took my curtains down, couldn't keep the little monkeys off of them. They did, thankfully, grow out of that. I'm fortunate that none of my girls have ever bothered with wires. I think your brother should, for now, spray them with Bitter Apple (the wires, not the kittens :) ) or get wire covers.

When I come home, I find toys in every room. Sometimes in their water bowl. The toys wouldn't stay in the playpen or box or whatever.

The windows should always have something in them to stop the cats from jumping out. They could be distracted by a bird or butterfly or whatever and try to catch it. One of my girls stepped off the top of a tall cat tree trying to catch a fly. Luckily I was right there and caught her. Although, she would have been fine, since she jumped from the top all the time.

If your brother is getting the kittens from a responsible breeder (and it's great that he's getting two), they'll be at least 10 weeks old and already litter trained.

Take lots of pictures, you probably remember how fast they grow!
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