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Indy the Newest Addition to the Family!

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I really wanted another cat before Ozark got too old to accept another cat. I went to the pound and adopted this 5 month old kitten. His name...Indy!

I am currently uploading a video so you can see him in action! He's really hard to photograph.
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He's a pretty boy. I'm glad to finally see him home!
Indy is darling! I love his white booties contrasting with his stripes. :)

There is the video! He has been tattooed on his belly with his shelter number in case anyone is wondering what that is on his stomach.
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Indy is darling! I love his colors. Hope everthing is going well.
Ha, the boy has a name now! He is truely precious. You both are lucky to find each other! :D

There is the video! He has been tattooed on his belly with his shelter number in case anyone is wondering what that is on his stomach.
I learned 2 new things from your post:
1. They do tattoo on cats! I thought it is only done on dogs... So I take it as you dont need to microchip him then?
2. Sooo... you can upload videos on photobucket! That will be handy :p
Congratulations and good job adopting. What an energetic little guy. He looks very healthy and happy. I am interested to hear how your two kitties interact and get along.
Indy is so cute and silly. I want to kiss the white patch on his nose!
I love Indy! What an adorable kitty, and he looks so willing to be friendly and affectionate at this early stage.

What the heck is a tattoo on cats? Maybe I don't really want to know.... :-(
He is darling! I love his gold eyes. My kitten has a tattoo also!! He has a white belly so i saw it when we brought him home. My vet said that some shelters do tattoos because they are cheaper than microchipping, and they do it at the time they spay/neuter them. Its hard to read though, so i dont feel like its nearly as effective as microchipping. Also there are so many different registries, it would be hard to track the number.
Indy,eh? I take it he's the adventurous type. He DOES bear a passing resemblence to Harrison Ford...
What a handsome guy. You've made a great choice.
He's so handsome! I like the name you finally picked for him. :) My shelter chipped and didn't tattoo. :| But a lot of Oklahoma shelters do the tats because, let's face it, in OK, there are tons of strays running around, it would cost too much to chip them all.

To all who are curious, I have started having Ozark and Indy play and eat together which, of course, is closely supervised. Ozark has stopped growling and being upset so this is the reason I have taken this step. They get several small sessions a day to play. There is some incompatibilities with their personalities but most of it is due to Indy being a kitten. Ozark is lazier than Indy and he also is a huge wimp.

Here is a video of the two playing.

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The most important question to me about Indy is: is he a cuddle-bug?
looks like they are already comfortable with each other!! makes me want a 2nd kitty :)
I am still going to be monitoring their together time but I think they are already pretty comfortable with each other. I'm so proud of my boy for accepting this new addition fairly quickly. :smile:

I have another video loading with them spending some cuddle time together. I'll get that in this thread very shortly. And, yes, in the video Ozark is grooming Indy a little bit! It's quite possibly the most precious thing I've seen. :mrgreen:

EDIT: And here is that video!

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