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We brought Mac in ,kept him in my room for a month . introduced them through the closed door fed them on both sides , got the gate out, fed them on both side of the gate. Abby is a scardy cat and refused to eat at the gate. We keep them separated all day and night. We have three litter boxes. When they meet accidentally if one gets let out Mac goes after her and there’s a terrible fight. No injuries but cat fur. When one is in the room the other one is on the outside of the room staring at the door they both do this. Got two feline plug-ins. Max started spraying in my room in the morning when he knows that she’s on the other side of the door. Took him to the vet he’s OK now he’s on CBD oil because he was very nervous and that’s working really good he’s not spraying anymore but we’d like to get them together. Abby always had free reign of the house. Mac was grandmas cat that got to go outside a couple hours a day. We live on a busy street so we can’t. He go out but I have to stay by his side or he’ll jump fence . Abby go out with sister and stays in the yard. Any suggestions please
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