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My name is Tim and I live in Washington, DC. I have 4 cats, all of them from the rescue. All male and I've had them all since they were kittens. The oldest is Taz who is a silver/black Tabby, 13 yo, and is hyperthyroid. Odell is second and he is a brown/grey Tabby, 7 yo, and very layed back -- but Top Cat, I suppose because he is the biggest so no one messes with him. Third is Ennui and he is a black cat, 5 yo, and the mouser of the group -- always on the prowl for anything amiss. Last is my newest named Bodean who is also a brown/grey Tabby, 1 and a half yo, and he is the monkey of the group.
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Hello from another multi-cat person! My oldest cat, Sweet Pea, also has
hyperthyroidism and has been on meds for it for several years. Looking forward
to hearing more about your fur family. :)
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