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Hi everyone--thank for accepting my request to join group. As I stated in my profile bio I have ALWAYS been owned by furbabies and currently have 5 felines and 1 canine. All are rescued whether by myself or a formal organization.
Frick is my oldest at almost 19 (DOB 5/12/93) and is now totally deaf with incontinence "issues" :eek:) but we are dealing.
Next is Mr. Tobias (Toby) who was rescued from a hoarder with 70 cats in a 2 bedroom townhouse. She had him shipped to Fla. from California where he was in a shelter after being found walking the streets with his presumed litter mate who was quickly adopted. He appears to be a lynx ragdoll but is NOT a lap cat like most raggies.
Then I have 2 torties sisters from a litter born in NO during hurricane Katrina--lots of issues and not sure if they are just tortie-cat issues or storm trauma issues but they are coming along SLOWLY :eek:)
Last but not least there is Lila (aka Lil Bit) who is polydactyl, cute as the dickens but a major dinosaur (lizard) killer :eek:( She prefers to play with live creatures and turns her nose up at all store bought toys.
Glad to be hear and looking forward to getting to know everyone and their furbabies!
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