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As you can see, I am new to this forum.

I have always been a cat lover and a cat owner, and some times I find it hard to find the answers to my questions by just googling things, so I have decided to be a part of the conversation.

I have two kitties, Boo and Jill.

Boo (the grey cat) I adopted as a new born from a farm just over a year ago. She was rejected by her mother and was not in the greatest condition (cuts on her nose, very weak) but with help from milk supplements and having Jill to show her the ropes, she is doing just fine to this day.

Jill I adopted from a shelter and at that time she was about a year old. I figure she is probably 10 years old now. They are both outside (and inside) cats, dependent on the weather and how they feel that day. They mostly stay in the yard, though. I think their favorite pass time is aggravating the magpies.

I do have some questions about Jill's behavior, but I will wait for my post to be approved and bring that discussion into the behaviors section when the time comes.


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