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Hello, my name is Oliver. I go by this as well as Olly/Olli/Ollie as a nickname, and yam/yama for those who prefer usernames. I'm 21 (turning 22 in June) have have three kitties, senior sixteen year old girls (Artemis, calico and Callisto, tortoiseshell) that are more or less family cats that I grew up with and one little girl (Pecan, a dilute calico - she was born 9/17/17).

I'm an artist (I draw, paint, sculpt, you name it) that is capable of both the prior mentioned as well as digital (computer artwork). I love animals and nature, and on the rare sunny day here in Oregon I like to walk either down to the pond/swamp near where I live (a lot of different species of bird come and go throughout the year, including a great blue heron and a few green herons!) or hike up the butte I live near. I also like to take spore prints from mushrooms and fungi I find, photograph everything interesting and write fantasy fiction. (I am very slowly but surely working on a book!)

Kitty Bios:

Artemis is a mature sixteen year old short-hair calico lady. She has beautiful, contrasting colors of solid black and mostly-solid red with a white underside, pink nose and beautiful warm green eyes. She is a bit crotchety and is known for being a bit 'sharp' (she has five sharp ends that she doesn't hesitate to use). She has PTSD and is very nervous/skittish, but despite these traits she's a very sweet, well behaved cat. She isn't much of a lap kitty but she will cuddle underneath the covers in bed when she's in the mood- which she lets you know, she'll try and lift the covers herself! She hates going outside so we never have to worry about her escaping, yet she loves when the outside is brought to her. She loves flowers and plants and is a notorious plant-nibbler, so we often have to hide things from her or she'll snack on them! So far she has chewed on my Christmas Cactus and a succulent plant of mine, and has eaten cherry blossoms I brought home on a twig. She also really likes strawberries! She'll rub her face all over them and she once even nibbled the 'end' off of one.

Callisto is a lovely sixteen year old medium-hair tortoiseshell girl. She has beautiful bold black freckled in rich reds and whimsical creams. One of her back feet has creamy-orange toes, which my family calls her 'peanut butter' foot due to the color being similar to it! She is one of the softest cats you'll ever meet, even her vets over the years have commented on how silky and baby-soft she is. She was a runt at birth and so was small for her litter, but grew up to be a fairly average sized cat which leads me to believe she would have been quite big if not for the runt status! She has always had inappropriate potty behavior of not wanting to use a box sometimes and it has been determined it likely is a psychological reason and not a medical one. Despite the potty behavior she's a very sweet, mellow cat that assumes a wet-noodle form when picked up. She's very tolerant of children and other animals and is always the first to warm up to new people. She has a very raspy meow (we've joked around saying it's a smoker's meow) but is capable of high pitched chirping and very clear, well enunciated 'singing' at odd hours while she carries a toy around in her mouth.

Pecan is the newest addition to the family, and is a short-hair dilute calico (white, buff tabby and dark blue). She was born last year in September and has an enormous personality for such a tiny body. Like Callisto, she was the runt of her litter and the person who was looking after her mother thought she might not be able to walk at first, because she would drag her legs and was the last to start properly getting around. It turned out her legs were just too big for her back then! Now that she's older she has amazing, long jumping legs and can make very impressive jumps, even for her age and size. She likes to run around the house checking on everyone and everything, and she likes to meow in two syllables (Mea-meaow!). She has a strangely long tail (it's longer than both of the grownup kitties' tails) and has a kink in it about mid-way. My family has taken to calling her 'Jetpack Kitty' because of how fast she runs around the house. She's a bit aggressive at times (she bites!) but is very cuddly and sweet. She likes to 'help' people do things, sitting close by watching while we cook, clean, play games or draw. She's a wild child with a fiery spirit in her.

All three cats were acquired as kittens and came from indoor-outdoor mothers and indoor-outdoor or feral/semi-feral fathers. All three cats have been spayed and vaccinated and are kept in good health by frequent fussing from myself, who is not grossed out by kitty eye and nose boogers, dirty ears or funky feet. I do my best to provide for them what I can when I can, and while I am unable to take them to the vet frequently for preventative care and checkups, I am very on top of monitoring their behavior and litterbox activities as well as checking over their bodies for changes and/or injuries/parasites. All three cats are indoor cats with the exception of Callisto, who is allowed to go outside for short periods of time, however she always has a person accompanying her and therefor is not unsupervised.

Thank you for having me!

(Photos were taken today!)


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