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Introducing 4 year old cats?

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SOOO, I may be getting a new kitty. I think I want to name her Mae. She is a gorgeous BIG CHUNKY Calico. She is spayed and 4 years old. She has the most plush thick coat I have ever felt in my life. It is unbelieveable. She is a medium hair. She has gorgeous bright green eyes that make me melt everytime I see them. She was rescued by my cousin 2 years ago, but their whole life just changed and they ended up moving and had a new baby which now makes 4 kids for them and they just don't have to time to spend with her anymore so they want to send her to someone who will let them see her again.
I am still trying to talk my dad into it as we had our old family cat pass away last year that we have had ever since I was 3 and it was really hard on us.
We still have Daisy who is a large girly that sleeps all day and plays all night. Daisy is 4 years old too. She like most cats, does not like new cats on her territory and we haven't had her share her house with any other cats for over a year.
How would you introduce these two? I would love to have Mae move into our home as she is a total sweetie and gorgeous to look at.

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Here's an excellent article on cat introductions.

The important thing to remember is go slowly and don't try to force it. Take your cue from the cats' behavior. There is no time table.....for some cats it may be a few days, or weeks, or months, or maybe never. At least your cat has had a cat friend and has experienced feline companionship, so that's better than if your cat has been alone since a small kitten.

Living Together - Introducing a New Cat
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