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Hi folks,
I am Gabriela, 31, and along with my boyfriend, we adopted a 1-yr old female cat.
We already have two 3-year old cats - one male and one female, they are siblings.
the new cat has been with us since the 8th of May midnight. The residents can smell her through the space in between the doors she's (Pixie) got her basecamp at (it's a spare room). The problem is that there is hissing on both sides of the door :(
so far we have been doing site swaps for 3 days, throwing aroung the stuff that smell of the new cat, and tried the feeding close to the door.
The female resident is being unwilling to do it at this stage, though she has no problem eating from a bowl that has a towel with Pixie's scent.
Both residents don't hiss at her smell. they do hiss at the space under the doors :(

have i done something wrong? what recommendations do you have?

thank you so much for your insight and sharing.
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