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My first post here was regarding a little kitten that wandered into the yard of my relatives when I went on vacation to see them, and she's since *hopefully* found a good home, though I am still sad when I think about her, and how I was convinced it would be harder to get her on the plane back than it actually would have been.

In any case, this post is about some issues regarding a new cat we've decided to introduce. It belonged to a friend, who is leaving him with us for at least 2 months, and we'll decide from there how it goes.

We currently have a White(ish) Himalayan (perhaps a cross, looks more like this, without a squished nose: )who we've had since he was about 8 weeks, and is currently about 4 years old.

I had just gone on vacation and I came back to notice that he had puffed up quite a bit, and was heavier to lift (perhaps he missed me, aww). Since I've been back, he hasn't been eating much, I suppose he's dieting(?).

A week before I returned, our family friend gave us this new black shorthair cat, I'm unsure of it's breed, doesn't look like anything exotic. He's about a year old, really friendly, but rarely purrs, eats like an elephant and has lots of energy, whereas our resident cat, Jessi, is a lot more relaxed (though he wishes he could kill things outside).

We kept the new cat, Michael, in two rooms that are joined to one another for the first week, while I was away. When I returned, I started combing them with the same comb, and letting them smell it: they were both interested, even though Jessi doesn't like being combed usually. Jessi initially showed some interest, coming up to the door and meowing, but Michael would hiss and run. A few days ago when Jessi had come up to the door and started sniffing it, and Michael didn't hiss and run, I thought to meet them together, but didn't have time.

I've been keeping up with combing them both, however, two days ago I combed Jessi and he wasn't very happy with it, started hissing at me (as usual for combing). I then brought him into the room with Michael and he (still upset from the combing), noticed Michael in his cage (as I was instructed to do by various pages on the internet), hissed, and ran under the bed then hissed at me when I tried to get him out.

Since then, Jessi has been hissing at me, running away from me, barely eating (even less than he was when I came back), not even treats, and isn't even very interested in cat nip anymore.

I've tried introducing him into the room once more, he doesn't want anything to do with the other cat, he stays still until he hears Michael, then hides, hisses at me, then waits by the door for me to let him out.

Is this anything to worry about? Did I mess something up with either their relationship and/or mine with Jessi? Did I delay their introduction? What should I do to improve all the relationships?

Thank you.

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I don't have anything to add, but I just adopted a newbie too. I'm on edge about introductions too. I'll be following this thread. Good luck with your babies.

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My best recomendation would be slowly, slowly,slowly and patience, patience, patience.
It took 2 1/2 months introducing my new cat to the resident cat. The problem appeared to more with the new kitty.
First of all keep new kitty in a saferoom. Sounds like you are already doing that.
This is how I proceeded:
First week: No physical contact or site introductions. I would spend a lot of time petting and giving new Michael a lot of attention in the saferoom. Imediately after you are done with Michael, pick Jessi up and give her some loving.

2nd week: Pick Michael up and let Jessi see you carrying her. Just do this for just a walk around the room. Put Micheal back in the saferoom and Imediately pick Jessi up giving her lots of loving. Do this several times.

Jessi already knows that Micheal is there. Meeting through the door is a good thing.

Next: When Jessi is sleeping in a room that you can shut the door. I would quitely shut the door and let Micheal have some free run of the house. Put Michael back in the saferoom when Jessi awakes and scratchs ant the door. This will put Micheal's scent around the territory.

Next: You said you have a cage. After one of the above sessions, put Micheal in the cage and see what happens when they meet. You will probably have a little hissing. Try and determine who has the problem. I my case it was the new kitty.

I then started giving Rescue Remedy to both cats. Google
It is a herbal product the calms the cats. I first learned about from an Australian site and at the time I had trouble finding in the USA. It really worked for me when I was at my whits end on introductions. I was ready to throw them in a room and let them fight it out. So glad I didn't. What a wonderful feeling the first time you see them chasing eachother around the room in play.

Jessi's problem I feel Is she missed you and when you came home there was another cat in her house. She is very stressed out. The Rescue Remendy will help her.

Hope this helps.

Just to add. My Vet did even know about Rescue Remendy when I asked her a year ago. She knows now.

Again, slowly, slowly,slowly and patience, patience, patience
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