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We've had our 7 year old rescue cat for about 2 1/2 years. We had 2 large dogs when we brought her home and we had no issues with them together. We soon will have no dogs (old age) but would like to get a new dog (or 2).

Personally, I would rather avoid the young puppy stage and get a dog about a year old (or older). But I'm wondering about introductions with the cat (who now will be the established pet and not the newcomer). I'm curious what others think about what age dog might be easiest for our cat to adapt to/accept.

By way of further info, our old labradoodle would occasionally be swat at by the cat if he got too close (he had gone deaf and couldn't hear her warning meow). He would just trot away in those instances. The larger dog would typically walk away if she meowed at him but a couple times would give a warning bark. But generally she is more wary of him and gives him a berth. I've not seen her ever attempt to swat at him.

As we look for a new dog(s), we've seen rescues of various ages and some puppies too. (Great Pyrenees) Just wondering what age would be best for Annabelle (our cat).
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