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introducing a new kitten - advice please

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I live in a 3rd floor flat & currently have 4 beautiful kitty's the oldest Meeca is 3.5 year's, Tulah is 2 month's younger & Teddy & Elfie are 3 years in September so they have all grown up together since kitten's & are indoor only kitty's

I am really desperate for an Oriental kitten

but my concern is that it would be too stressful for my baby's to introduce a new kitten to our very happy family

please can anyone give me their thought's on this as my baby's health & happiness is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in my life & as much as I would love an Oriental kitten if it is likely to be bad for my baby's then I will decided against it

thank you in advance

Victoria x
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I don't think a new kitten will be bad for their health per se, but given that your cats are not kittens anymore, they are not exactly going to be thrilled to have a baby in the house to look after. They can get used to it, but the kitten is going to be more like a nuissance to them than anything else.
thank you so in your opinion do you think they would be ok! with it x
I don't think any cat is ever ok with a new cat coming into their territory, but if you have your heart really set on a new kitten, just make sure to introduce them very slowly. I know others can chime in regarding links to good sites dealing with cat intros. I only remember this one all the time:

Cat-to-Cat Introductions | Little Big Cat
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