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Hi so my name's Georgie and I currently have one beautiful little girl, a four year old tabby named Bellatrix Jody Cottrell-Bum-Smith.. but you can call her Bella ;) Although we currently only have one cat at the moment, I was bought up with kitties :) We had Fang then Busker then Bozzy, Rolly and Lilly. Bozzy (Borris) and Rolly (Rolo) were brothers and we had them when they were born, Lilly we had when she was one. They all got on very well and I don't think they knew they were actually cats, they were certainly very much unique characters!!

But more about my Bella! As I said, she is a beautiful tabby with big green eyes and was four on April 1st. We got her from the Cat Protection Agency last February, so we haven't had her all that long. She was rescued from Brighton whilst she was pregnant and was bought to where we live and placed in Cat Protection. She had her kitten, a boy named Jools, but sadly they didn't get on very well at all. Jools was re-homed. Bella has had two or three previous owners so we were expecting her to be quite distrusting at first, that it would take her time to get used to us, but as soon as we bought her home and let her out her carry cage she went straight on my lap. Within a few hours she had run of the house and had already picked out some of her favourite spots (which she still has today).

She is very much a lap-cat and a cuddly cat but she does also want to be left alone quite a bit, she doesn't want you messing with her all the time. She isn't very good when people come to the house that she doesn't know, so she can be quite skittish. But she is a very lovely little girl. She very much assigned herself to me at the start and we are virtually inseparable!!

Each cat has its very own characteristics and some of Bella's favorite things are licking my hands and arms etc, me holding her paws, me playing ball with her- she is the only cat I've ever heard of that plays fetch!! She loves exploring and drives us mad with her tendencies towards frogs and scraping wallpapers

She is a great companion, always makes me smile with the funny things she does- she's quite a clumsy cat! She senses when I'm upset and makes an extra effort to cuddle me. We have sleepovers where she's learnt that if she sleeps quietly and looks cute we'll let her sleep on our beds at night! :) She comes running when she hears us calling, responds to different words and the tones of my voice (shouting, whispering, etc). Whenever she hears the doorbell she'll race to the door and she appears at the kitchen window like Mog the cat!! She's greedy and know's I'm a pushover. whenever we eat cereal of a morning she'll sit on our feet and wait patiently until we've done and then she has the leftover milk at the end. She learns quickly and is a very good girl all in all. I love her so much, she's my little baby!!

I hope to have a good time on this forum and learn lots about cats and share lots about my Bella Bum :) thanks!
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