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I joined a couple days ago, so I guess it's time to get on the official introductions.
In April of 2011, I began searching for a cat after losing my most precious boy, Taj. I wasn't trying to replace him, but I can't remember a time when I haven't had at least one cat, there was a certain rest in the house that I couldn't get used to. I knew I wanted to adopt. I tried adopting from my shelter, but I cannot begin to describe the horrible experience I had with the overseer there and I'm not welcome back. Which is fine, because she'll never forget what I think of her :evil:
So I wandered around pet finder for the nearest shelter, and found an ADORABLE little kitten covered in little black fuzz and little white dipped feet with gorgeous yellow eyes. By the time I got to the shelter, there was a little sign on his litter's cage that said 'We've all been adopted!' Sad for me, great for them xD
So I looked around some more. I was looking for a kitten, and there were plenty there. There were also lots of great big tom cats -my favorite :luv I love their muscles and the kneading.
But from a little cage on the bottom in the corner, something grabbed my pant leg. I gave the little cat a 'hello' and kept looking, but he kept mewing at me. So I asked to see him. This cat -Called Petey, at the time- brown nosed me so hard. There was endless nosing and cheek rubs and purring and 'love bites'. I was just like 'whatever, fine!' He really was sweet though xD I sincerely believe animals pick their people. There must be a connection, however small, right from the start.
So I took him home. We had a few more vet checks for vaccinations and to take care of some dirty ears, but other than that he was fine.
However, he's deathly afraid of riding in the car, and whenever he has accidents the house, he acts as though he's begging for forgiveness (it's sad, because this is a cat that does not have remorse for his actions) He was already neutered when I adopted him.
From what I understand, someone abandoned him there, for whatever reason, then he was adopted, neutered (obviously was abused for some time) then brought back again. I believe that's why he's afraid of cars. -I mean, if every time you were in a car you were taken somewhere horrible wouldn't you be afraid to get in them?
He's clever... oh so clever. I know everyone thinks their animals are the cleverest of them all, but I, personally, have NEVER had a pet quite as cunning as Draevyn. He's matured a lot in the almost year he's been with me, and now you can look in his eyes and see... I don't know how to describe it. A human-like expression, like he understands everything that you say, like he can predict your movements.
He's not a very loving or social cat, but he has his moments, just moments when he reaffirms that he does care for me. It's hard to deal with, however, how very unsocial he is. All my cats have been velcro cats, cats that knew no strangers. But I do love him.
So, on to proof!
<- This is a music-type video of him. Most of the clips are from the first day -as I kept him strictly in my room for the first few days to gauge his behavior and what I might be dealing with when he began to explore the house. Hallelujah he left my rats alone those first few days.
These other photos were taken with a webcam, -disclaimer for the quality D: He loves his window. The duct tape is his doing -.-' I woke up to find my cat halfway hanging out my window. I lied and said I broke the screen. Lucky duck. Making the best of a bad situation xD It's hard to wrap gifts when your mouse is narcoleptic <3 He watches other cats from his window. I hate keeping him strictly indoors, but it keeps him alive. (Any suggestions for indoor fun would be great) He has a KittyWalk thingy. My room it small so only the tower is set up for the window. He lovesssss his tower though.
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