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Hello everyone!
After looking up questions regarding my cat I kindof always ended up in this forum. Users replying, usually have a lot of good advice and everyone seems to be nice here, so I decided to join.
This will be a brief introduction, as I am joining now, at 5:00 am on a free Sunday because I'm looking for some advice about my kitty.

About Joey
Joey is a neutered 8 year old (estimated), longhaired cat. I got him from my sister as she can't take care of him anymore, because of her circumstances. She adopted him from a shelter about 4 years ago. He's the sweetest, most gentle and loving cat that loves to be groomed and cuddled.
He's been staying with me since August 2018. Maybe I should mention briefly, I also have another cat Cookie, male, 8yo, neutered, which I had ever since he was a kitten. They aren't showing signs of getting along so I currently keep them in separate spaces that don't share a door (they don't tolerate even scenting eachother), until we find a new loving home for Joey. They both have their own litter boxes, scratching posts and toys as well as get equal and a lot of attention and affection.

This is all for now, thank you for reading
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