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Introducing Lolly

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A few pics of our beautiful Himalayan girl Lolly (2.5 years old) and her friend, protector, admirer, and chaser African Lion Dog Ari (15 months old).

She is not very playful, but very curious and loves observing things around her. She doesn't trust any strangers and hides in the deepest, darkest corner of the closet when friends come over for dinner.


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Lolly is lovely :)

I've never heard of an African Lion Dog. It looks just like a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Very handsome.
Thanks! 'African Lion Dog' is just another (fancier ?) name for Rhodesian Ridgeback..
My former Chiropractor has a Ridgeback and he's just a solid hunk of doggy muscle.
Adorable little girl!

Oh my goodness - What a sweetie pie! Give her a snuggle for me!
Beautiful kitty! But why the thumbs down in the title?
I didn't realize it was a thumb down, to be honest. It looked like an orange cat to me, with a long tail.. So I picked it without thinking.. Then I tried changing it but couldn't find a way
Beautiful often do you need to groom her? (I thought the icon looked like an orange cat too)
Oh, grooming.. Every day. Well, almost every day... Especially during winter when she has her winter coat, otherwise matting becomes a problem. Cleaning around her eyes - every morning, to avoid stains. Brushing - almost every evening.. We never cut her hair, except around her butt. And we give her a bath about once a month, with shampoo, conditioner, the whole thing. Other then that - she is pretty self sufficient in everything else.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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