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So to start it off my name is Christine. I am a 17 year old girl who lives in central New York. In my (human) family I have my little brother, Nick, who is 13 and still live with me, and my older brother Jeremy who is 26 and lives in Montana. I have my mom Patty and dad Steve. In my lifetime, I have owned my fair share of animals. When I was born, we had a boy tom cat named Buster and a girl dalmatian named Maxine. Around the time I was 6, Maxine died of cancer and we were left with just Buster. My grandmother decided to purchase me a new dog, a golden retriever who I named Sophie, after her mom. Then my dad thought of a brilliant plan to get a calico kitten, and her name was Bunny (again, I named her. But I was little!) After bringing Bunny home, my dad just threw them together with no introduction. Buster was an outdoor cat, and because of the new kitten, eventually ran away from home. Eventually, Sophie got old and also had cancer and eventually died, leaving us with Bunny. A year goes by and yet another golden retriever puppy works her way into our heart, and her name is Molly. She is currently two years old, while Bunny is 12. Just two days ago, we got an orange kitten named Nala, who is 3 months old.
(below is Nala 3 mos)

(Above is Bunny 12 yrs and Molly 2 yrs)


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