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My resident cat, Billie, will be turning 2 in late August to early September (not sure her exact birthday I got her at the humane society). She is super loving, playful, and wants to just hang out with everyone once she gets the chance to meet them. Billie has separation anxiety when it comes to me leaving, and my past roommate has told me she will sometimes cry for 20-30 minutes when I leave. After extensive research and talking with my vet, we decided that getting her a companion was going to be a good option. I found a stray litter on craigslist and ended up finding a 7-week old male kitten, Chester, who is a fantastic personality match. Due to his mites, he has been living at my parent's house for several weeks and I have now started the introduction process between the two of them. Both cats have spent a long period of time at my parent's house and both of them absolutely love our family dog and our dog loves them so I feel really hopeful that they both want a friend. Both cats (have not been at my parent's house together yet) and the dog will play with each other and sleep next to each other.

I am on day 6 of the introduction process and I honestly would just like advice on how this is going. Billie is the first cat I have ever owned and I have never done an introduction before so its all new to me. I am also living alone through this process and starting to feel guilty about leaving Chester in his room for so long.

Billie has not been as cuddly to me (she typically wants to be laying on or near me any time she is not playing), but this morning she finally made the switch back to laying on top of me purring after breakfast on opposite sides of the door with Chester. They have seen each other, done meals on opposite sides of the doors (I have been able to get them closer), and nothing bad has happened yet. They will sit at a cracked door (I have a barn door I've been using to increase visuals) and stare at each other, Chester will try to play and Billie will hiss and swat his head. However, Billie is always the one to seek out this interaction, she is super curious and I think that she just wants to know whats going on in this room. I guess I am to the point where I don't know if I should try an interaction or not. Billie has not used claws or hissed super aggressively, she is just telling him to stay back. Both cats are eating and using the litter box just fine and it was relieving to have Billie back on my chest this morning (especially because they met for the first time last night while Chester was in a wire cage).

So I guess my main questions are, is it time to let them interact with supervision of course, how long is too long to have Chester in this room, and are there things that I can be actively doing to keep both of them calm and happy?? They both are such loving cats and I want to make this transition as easy as possible for the both of them
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