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Hello everyone!! :) :catmilk

My name is Vickie, and I'm currently a nurse aide and a student nurse going for my RN. I'm 18 years old, and I live in Central New York, aka the place Mother Nature sends the crappy weather to! :p

I've been an animal fanatic since I was a little girl, and my Mom and Dad bought our first cat when I was just 4 years old. He was a male short haired peach tabby, who we called MacCloud. He sparked my, and my family's love of cats, and we've never been without one since! Sadly, MacCloud left this earth at just eight years young, due to a urinary blockage. During the time we had MacCloud, we took in three other rescue cats. Marshall, just a little kitten at the time, another male peach tabby. Then came Maisy... a gorgeous female black and grey calico, and also my all time favorite (just don't tell my others). Sadly, Maisy is also no longer with us, but I will always remember her. Lastly came Moose, a female black and white short hair, who has also since passed. She was the most fiesty of all our female cats... and she didn't take any crap from any of the boys!

Over the last 13 years, we've continually accumulated more and more... and today, we have 6 fur babies. Marshall is the only surviving member of the original troop, and he is now thirteen years old. He's our patriarch, and he definitely protects and keeps watch on the 5 others.

The rest of our lineup includes an American Bobtail mix called Pig:pig. He just turned a year old in mid April. A woman in our area had an unfixed female cat who became pregnant, and she couldn't care for the babies... so that's how Pig came about! Next is Rico, a 4 year old male black and white... our largest cat weighing in at 16 pounds. We've had him for just a year. His old owner was keeping him in an abandoned home alone, so he is very skiddish... but he's coming around more and more everyday, and is a total sweetheart. Next comes Daisy May, a 4 year old female white calico. She is our only female currently, and she is definitely the Alpha girl!

Lastly, are our two most recent additions, that we just brought home 6 days ago. They are two 11 week old male long hair peaches (yes, I have a thing for peach cats!). They look very much alike, and are brothers, so we call one Felix, and the other Oscar, coined from "The Odd Couple". They keep me on my toes, and it's great to have some babies in the house again!!

We also have four parrots... a cockatoo, two white bellied caiques, and a quaker! But anyways, enough of me overtyping... here's some photos!


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