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Need Help: Eating Habits

My cat, Zeus, is almost 3 years old and he's been displaying some odd eating habits over the past couple days:

  • For the most part, he either refuses to eat his food or eats 1-2 bites and walks away (sometimes pawing at the ground before leaving)
    • He is normally a HUGE eater and is rarely picky
  • There have been 2 occasions where he has eaten something
    • Plain, home cooked pork that we mushed up
    • White albacore tuna out of a pack (after asking a vet)
      • In both cases he ate the food without question the first time. The second time, he would only eat from my hand (smaller portion). The third time, he only ate 1-2 bites

  • Two other notes:
    • He is fed 2x/day
    • 3 weeks ago he had a tooth pulled. In the two weeks following, his eating habits did not change (not even in week 2, when the meds finished)
Hoping someone can offer some help.
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