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Hi! I'm husband, our critters, & I live in Georgia. Our pets are our kids. We have 2 cats, 2 dogs, & an assortments of strays that have recently taken up. Alley Cat is a sweet "barn cat" that I guess actually is ours too....we started feeding her and decided to get her fixed, but it turned out she had a litter of kittens we didn't know about. So we are currently dealing with that. lol A starving dog showed up shortly after...she brought tears to my eyes just looking at her....its beyond me how she was even standing. We fed her even though we knew what that meant. Turns out she is the sweetest thing though she looks abused.....AND she was wearing a collar. My husband thinks she was possibly a bait dog. Either way, she healthy and happy now. She has a buddy that won't go away now. So we are trying to find homes for all of these babies but the formerly starving pup has gotten my hubby attached so we'll prob keep her. So, I guess I should say that we have 3 cats & 3 dogs. lol

I've always been a dog person but Taz adopted me when he was about 6wks old and has thoroughly wrapped my hubby & I firmly around his paw. But I know so little about cats and need some guidance.

Sadly, Tax tested positive for FeLV as a kitten and then again when retested at 1 yr. But he is a super healthy 2 yr old cat now and is my heart. He sleeps with us and wants to be in whatever room I am in. He is so sociable when friends come over and wants to play with our dogs every chance he gets. But they are outdoor & he is indoor only of course. Since he is thoroughly spoiled and gets everything he wants, we decided to adopt him a friend. We adopted what we thought was a healthy 5 month old kitten. We named him Gizmo and fell for him immediately. They met the first day but Gizmo had some runny eyes so we decided it would be best to quarantine him for a few days and not take a chance with Taz catching something.

Long story shorter, it turns out Gizmo has a URI and a pretty persistent one at that. He had a secondary bacterial infection and put on antibiotics. After being kept separate for nearly 5 wks (!!), and being on prednizone for 2 wks, the vet finally cleared them to meet. Gizmo's symptoms were basically gone with the exception for an occasional sneeze. But it has flared back up but now Taz has been exposed. Gizmo is back on a new antibiotic and I'm giving them both 500mg of Lysine in their food each day. Taz seems as healthy as ever (an occasional sneeze that sets me on edge but nothing more) and they have been together now for almost 2 weeks. I was doing some research on how URI could affect FeLV+ cat and was devastated to see it could possibly trigger immune probs AND Gizmo could be vulnerable to getting FeLV even though he has been vaccinated. We had no idea!

So, I ended up in tears and stressing over what to do. I know Taz' days could be numbered anyway and do not want to do anything to trigger issues. I want him to live as long as possible. But I would also be devastated to give up Gizmo, not to mention it would be almost impossible to find someone to take a sick cat (I'm so broke from these vet bills).
At this point, would it be completely irresponsible to allow them to be family or do we need to try to find G a new home? :( Is there anything I can do to protect them from this point forward? It isn't feasible for me to keep them separate plus I think it would be more stressful for them which to me would be worse than keeping them together. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We just want to know what all of our options are.

Sorry for the lengthy post....I'm just trying to give all of the details.
Thank you in advance!
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