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Hello! My name is Emily and I am currently 18 years old. I, personally, don't have any cats of my own, but I volunteer at a no-kill cats-only shelter near me at least once a week (usually twice or more).

Although I don't actually own any cats, I do consider one cat at the shelter mine. His name is Marty and he's estimated to be about 7 months old now. I rescued him, his brother, and his mom when they feral in October 2018. I handed them over to the shelter and have worked from months to rehabilitate all of them. Marty's brother has since been adopted and his mother is incredibly friendly and tame. Marty is a different story. He really enjoys my company and being talked to and watching me clean and play with other cats, unfortunately, he's just not touchable. There is another cat at the shelter who is just like, and she has lived at the shelter since she was a kitten, and is now 10 years old. I really don't want Marty to turn out like her, and so I'm dedicated to working with Marty and have already promised to him, the shelter employees, and myself that I will adopt him as soon as possible. Of course I plan to do this because I know nobody else will give him a chance and he's already kind of my responsibility, but that's not the only reason. I really do love this goofy guy, and I know he loves me back. He really is a fantastic little guy and loves my company, he just loves company from a distance, not to mention how much he loves playing and chatting with me.

The tuxie with the pink nose is the mom, Evie. The black fluffy one is Onyx, Marty's brother. The tuxie with the black nose is Marty, my specially little guy.


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